Get on the road to success, own a TYREMART franchise

We are the largest independent tyre fitment group in South Africa and offer our franchisees a stable platform from which to operate their businesses.


  • The TYREMART franchise is independently owned by franchisees for franchisees.
  • TYREMART is neither owned nor controlled by a tyre manufacturer. All advice and recommendations are based solely upon the client's interests, not on the vested interests of third parties.
  • Independent, unbiased advice gives our customers greater purchasing decision confidence.
  • Facilitation of or easier access to business finance.
  • Sharing of franchisor’s industry "best practice" knowledge and experience.
  • Access to training and technical support structure.
  • Being part of a system that has been proven to work.
  • Being kept up to date with market and business trends.
  • Access to an established, loyal and growing customer base.
  • Extensive national and regional advertising and regional marketing coverage.

Tyremart Franchise Business Methodology

All TYREMART stores are franchised and operate according to the TYREMART business format franchise model. They are individually owned and are licensed by TYREMART Tyres and Accessories (Pty) Ltd (the "Franchisor") to use TYREMART trademark and systems and to draw upon the Franchisor’s and fellow Franchisees’ experience, expertise and know-how. Business format franchising provides for a contractual relationship between Franchisor and Franchisee:

  • in terms of which the Franchisor maintains an on-going interest in the business of the Franchisee,
  • and is obliged to offer defined services and benefits to the Franchisee,
  • while the Franchisee is licensed to use the trademarks, systems and know-how of the Franchisor,
  • and is required to operate in accordance with the terms of the franchise agreement,
  • as well as the operating systems and standards of the Franchisor and the franchise system.

More Detail On The Tyremart Franchise

TYREMART fitment centres are offered a concession by TYREMART Tyres and Accessories (Pty) Ltd to trade as franchised outlets for an indefinite period, with an initial minimum of one year and the option to give 180 days’ notice of cancellation at any time thereafter. A Franchisee draws upon the expertise and experience of a Franchisor which is managed by key management personnel who, collectively, have more than 70 year’s experience in the tyre manufacturing, retail and tyre & fitment franchising industries. TYREMART operates the full-business format of franchising in its dealings and relationship with its Franchisees. This includes, inter alia:

  • providing ongoing support in terms corporate identity & market presence;
  • group buying & product procurement;
  • marketing, including research & group advertising;
  • proven systems that reduce costs and optimise operating ratios, including financial & legal consulting;
  • training & mentoring to ensure that needs of customers are met at point of sale and beyond.
  • A further integral part of the TYREMART franchise model relates to on-going package enhancements to ensure that the franchise channels remain relevant in their communication and delivery.

The Franchise Model

In addition to a comprehensive Business Format Franchise Package, in which the Franchisor actively assists the Franchisees in satisfying their business needs, the TYREMART Franchise provides the following unique benefits to its Franchisees:

  • Preferential supply & buying arrangements via collective supply agreements, with all benefits passed on to Franchisees.
  • Partnership & supply agreements with a range of top tyre brand suppliers, including Goodyear, a well-known and sought-after local icon and tyre brand; Michelin & BF Goodrich, arguably the premium imported tyres available in South Africa; Pirelli, another prestigious, hi-performance import; Dunlop, another local icon; and Falken & Kumho, which include a range specifically suited to well-known, popular vehicles imported from the East. TYREMART also imports, as an exclusive house-brand, the high-quality DAVANTI Tyre, on which it offers a 1-year road hazard guarantee.
  • Participation in the Franchisee Bonus Scheme.
  • Beneficial participation in the TYREMART Franchisee Share Trust, including:
  • Board representation
  • Voting at general meetings of TYREMART TYRES and ACCESSORIES (Pty) Ltd.
  • Equity in TYREMART Trade Marks
  • Share in profits of TYREMART TYRES AND ACCESSORIES (Pty) Ltd.

Considering Tyremart?

The benefits and advantages of being a TYREMART franchisee can significantly reduce the financial risk frequently associated with business ownership.

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