Tyremart Tyre and Rim Protection*

Tyremart tyre and rim protection is a tailor made insurance offering that provides cover against tyre and rim damage caused by road hazards**


* Blow outs, sidewall damage / bubbles, punctures, buckled or cracked rims (cosmetic damage not covered).
** Potholes, damage by bricks, rock, stone, glass, debris, punctures caused by nails & screws.

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Even if you're a careful driver, your vehicle’s tyres and rims are exposed to countless hazards every time you are on the road. That means no matter how well you drive, you’re likely to experience some sort of damage to your tyres and rims.

Thankfully, avoiding unexpected and expensive replacement and repair bills is easy with the Tyremart Tyre and Rim Protection – a simple insurance policy that protects your tyres and rims against road hazards.*


Damaged Tyres

2 Claims per year up to 2 irreparably damaged tyres per claim.

Puncture Repair


Rim Cover (Buckled or Cracked Only)

2 Rim claims per year up to 2 rim repairs per claim (Up to R 1,000 per rim).

Alignment & Balancing

Every 12 months.

Tyre Maintenance Inspection

Every 6 months.

What Is Classified As Road Hazards*
  • Potholes,
  • Damage by bricks, rock, stone, glass, debris,
  • Punctures caused by nails & screws.
Damage Covered
  • Blow outs,
  • Sidewall damage / bubbles,
  • Punctures,
  • Buckled / cracked Rims (cosmetic damage not covered).
Cover Options

Premiums are based on the replacement cost per tyre.

Tyre Replacement Cost Premium
Up to R1,000 R59 p/m
Up to R2,000 R79 p/m
Up to R3,000 R129 p/m
Up to R4,000 R159 p/m

Example: If the cost of 1 tyre is R800 to replace then it would be recommended that the client purchase the Up to R1,000 policy @ R59 p/m.

Replacement Benefit Table
Tread Depth of Damaged Tyre Replacement Benefit
7 mm and above 100%
6 mm and above 90%
5 mm and above 70%
4 mm and above 50%
3 mm and above 30%
2 mm and above 20%
1 mm and above 10%

The Replacement Benefit payable will be calculated as a percentage of the actual tyre replacement cost or the replacement tyre liability stated on the Schedule of Insurance, whichever is the lesser. The percentage will be determined by the following:

Policy Highlights
  • Covers all tyres and rims fitted to your vehicle including replacements that are done.
  • Rim repair benefit included.
  • Free Wheel Alignment when damaged tyre is replaced or rim repaired.
  • Free Wheel Balancing with each tyre and rim claim.
  • Free puncture repairs.
How To Make A Claim
  • Claims must be reported within 30 days of incident.
  • Contact the Claims administrator on 0861 272 777.
  • Authorisation must be obtained prior to proceeding with any repairs / replacement of the damaged tyre's or rim's.
  • Repairs are done at Tyremart Stores country wide.

For full terms and conditions please refer to policy wording. Full Terms & Conditions

Tyremart Tyre and Rim Protection is underwritten by Bidvest Insurance Limited an authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP No 46395)

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